How to claim deductions from SARS for depreciation of your assets

Requirements to claim back depreciation on personal assets used for work:

  1. you must own the asset
  2. the asset must be used for the purposes of your trade (either as an employee or if you are self-employed)
  3. if the asset is not used exclusively for work purposes, the deduction must be apportioned based on your actual use for work (you may not claim back depreciation resulting from personal use)
  4. if you are employed, your employer must provide SARS with a letter which confirms that you have permission to use your personal asset for work purposes

For an example of a letter from your employer to SARS, click here. (insert link)

SARS has a guide which sets out the time periods over which certain assets are to be written off. The SARS guide for depreciation of assets can be accessed here: (insert link)