Reading a tax assessment and how to dispute if you disagree

As per one of our previous videos, you should now be able to access your tax assessments. These assessments are also known as an ‘ITA34’.

These assessments should match what was declared in your Income Tax return, if you are not satisfied and something is incorrect or did not pull through correctly then you can lodge a dispute/objection to such assessment.

By clicking on the below buttons on your Efiling page, either ‘Dispute’ or ‘Request for Reasons’ the action will be initiated. You will then follow the prompts thereafter.

When can I lodge an objection/dispute?

An objection must be submitted within 30 business days after the date of the assessment or SARS decision.

If you do not understand how SARS came to their reasoning or the assessment needs better explanation, you as the taxpayer, have the right to ‘Request for Reasons’.

Where the taxpayer requested reasons for the assessment, the objection must be submitted within 30 business days after:

  • The date of the notice sent by SARS that adequate reasons have been provided and that no further reasons will be provided; or
  • The date SARS provided you with the reasons/further reasons