Reading tax tables

  • You will not have to work out your own tax due using the tax tables, this is automatically done with the SARS calculation function
  • Once you are satisfied that your tax return is complete, you can press the ‘calculate’ tab
  • This will then indicate what tax, if any, is due
  • If you do have tax due, it is important to note, that you can deduct any provisional payment you may have made in that tax year to net off the amount due to SARS
The above tabs will appear on Efiling, when you are working on your tax return
  • The tax table changes each year of assessment
  • The SARS website has the tax table rates dating back to the 2014 tax year that you can refer to if necessary

You will need to know your final taxable income ( all income less deductions) in order to accurately read a tax table.

2021 / 2022 Tax Year:
Taxable Income (R)Rates of Tax
0 – 216,20018% of taxable income
216,201 – 337,80038,916 + 26% of taxable income above 216 200
337,801 – 467,50070,532 + 31% of taxable income above 337,800
467,501 – 613,600110,739 + 36% of taxable income above 467,500
613,601 – 782,200163,335 + 39% of taxable income above 613,600
782,201 – 1,656,600229,089 + 41% of taxable income above 782,200
1,656,601 and above587,593 + 45% of taxable income above 1,656,600
RebatesValueTax Threshold
Below age 65R15,714R87,300
Age 65 to below 75R8,613R135,150
Age 75 and overR2,871R151,100
Monthly Medical Aid Tax Credits
Principal memberR332
First dependantR332
Each additional dependantR224

SARS rates of tax for individuals