Income Tax Verification

Once you submit your Annual Tax return, SARS may select you for verification.

If you are selected for verification, you will be notified by SARS through an official letter after the submission of your Income Tax return. This letter will indicate that you must within 21 business days submit either:

  • The requested relevant material (supporting documents) ; or
  • A Request For Correction (RFC)

The relevant documents needed by SARS will be listed in the verification letter sent .  You will have to submit the supporting documents by uploading the documents via a link on Efiling

You will find this link in the same page where you will find your submitted tax return. Under the tab ‘Returns History’. It will have an open link for the uploading and submission of documentation requested in the verification.

It is important to not just upload these documents, but also to remember to click ‘SUBMIT’ in order to send the relevant material to SARS.

Once you have submitted the documents, the link will close and you will be unable to submit any additional documents.

Another important thing to note is to make sure the original letter sent by SARS is included when you submit the requested documents, as it contains a unique bar-coded reference number and case number that links the uploaded relevant material to your tax records.